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Webcamera's - 2: Needed


First need is a computer witch runs the webcam server software (WebcamXP) This software send the streams of the camera's true the internet when someone acces the server/webpage on your computer by using your IP. You also have to acces the computer if your not home and want to see the camera's or motion dectetion pictures. Because it's running 24/7 it is important to have a quiet and less energy using system. I choose a Dell Optimex 60 witch is very quiet and using less energy. It's 1,7 ghz with 256 memory. I am running 2 usb cam's and 4 ip camera and 1 download stream camera. The CPU usage is 50/60 percent with some other programms running in the back. Bought second hand at Cost: 289 euro

xDSL / Cable Connection:

It's important to have a xDSL or cable connection without or, a big data limit because the streams and pictures all together use a lot bandwidth. The upload speed is more important then the download because you, or someone else are downloading from your computer witch upload the streams/pictures. Try to occur that the adres of your server is getting to public, because it's make's the stream slow for surveiliance.
If possible try to choose a provides witch delivers an Static (WAN) IP. It's not nessecery because if it's dynamic there's a solution witch allows you also to choose a name i case of a number URL for accessing the webpage.
My connection: (belgium) van 30 euro per month. Download 512 kbps and Upload 256 Kbps. Datalimiet 10 gigabyte.

Local Network:

Because your perhaps gonna use Ip network camera's you need a cable network. Or a wireless network if you're using wireless ip camera's. Because wireless is not aways that stable i have connected the computer with a RJ45 cable to the modem/router. I use sitecom wireless products.
Cost: Modem/router (Receive xDSL and sends the signal wireless to camera's or computers), receiver for computer. 150 euro

Webhosting/domain name:

It's not nessecery to have a domain name or webhosting because WebcamXP runs a own website on your computer witch you or other people can acces to view the camera's or motion detection pictures. It's also possible to intergrate the streams to your own website or make a own surveiliance webpage.
My hosting Hosting Discounter with 200mb space and a NL domainnaam. Cost: 27 euro a year

Static IP adress:

True an IP adres (internet protecol) is every person visible on the internet. It's like a ZIP code, every IP is unique. Some providers always's delivers the same ip to you so everyone who knows it can find your camera's. There are also providers that gives you a dynamic ip ever session witch means someone who knows where your camera's are can't find you the next day.
Don't panic, there is a free solution for this problem. A service that add a domail name to the IP everytime it changes. Read more about setting up No-IP Service

Webcamera server Software:

I told you before: The webcam server software sends the webcam streams true the internet wich makes it able for you and other people to connect and watch the webcamera's. There are a few software titels witch contain ip camera's and usb camera's. The most populair and used by me for a few years is WebcamXP. You can download the Beta versions from where you also find the forum and personal page of the writer.

WebcamXP is a nice and clear programm wich is easy to setup and use. It contains al lot of funtions for motion detection and options to add these pictures to the online gallery's. You can also upload a picture for example, every 5 minute's.

Another populair programm is ActiveWebcam wich is more aimed for surveiliance use. It's some more difficult to setup the server and webpage but its also very advanced. A likely advantage is the motion detection wich is separated in hunderds of little blocks. You can select every block on its own to detect motion, like only on a hole of a birdhouse.

Webcam Community's:

There are a lot people who share their camera's. A nice community to meet them is It's owned by the makers of WebcamXP and you can make a profile and chat, blog and guestbooks. Very fun to watch other people home's (NO ADULT STUFF)

Search in Google "my webcamxp server! inurl:8080". You'll find a lot open webcamXP server free to watch.

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